InSAR Monitoring

InSAR Monitoring

10x more data and 25x more updates.

Gain new insights with InSAR monitoring.

“Problems we had for years with manual measurements were resolved at once.”

Ron Kaptijn
Policy Officer Infra, City of Diemen

Gain new insights

The large number of measurements and weekly updates provide a detailed insight in the slope and speed of subsidence. A sudden drop of a small area might be a reason for local inspection. Wider gradual subsidence tells a different story.

Millimeter accuracy

Time series show how objects have moved since the previous measurement. Compare measurements on millimeter-scale.

No prerequisites

InSAR is based on radar reflections from infrastructure, the measurements are not related to pre-determined physical points on the ground.

Weekly updates

Measurements are updated weekly. Discover deformation trends in objects as they happen.

100 m2 upto 10,000 km2

InSAR Monitoring provides subsidence measurements of single buildings, bridges, mines, whole neighborhoods and areas up to 10,000 km2.

100,000 measurements per km2

Our maps contain up to 100,000 measurements per km2 over large areas. A quantum leap compared to conventional leveling methods.

25 years back in time

Our data archive goes back to 1992 and covers 70% of the earth’s land. With that data we can measure subsidence that occurred in the past.

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