Measuring the
World’s motions.

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SkyGeo measures deformation dynamics anywhere on the surface of the planet. Engineers and asset managers use our products to understand millimeter-scale movements over reservoirs, pipelines, dams, railroads, bridges, storage tanks and entire cities. 

Millimeter accuracy
Time series show how objects above the ground have moved since the previous measurement. Compare current motion measurements with the past, on millimeter-scale.
Constant updates
Your data are updated as often as the satellite acquires an image, up to 35 times a year or as often as you need for your business. Discover deformation trends in objects as they happen.
High density measurements
Depending on what’s on the ground and what satellite images are available, our maps contain up to 100,000 measurements per km2 over large areas. A quantum leap in effectiveness compared to conventional leveling campaigns.

Online access to data and statistics
You can access your data in our secure online environment and use our toolbox to assess where your assets are most at risk. Search and discover the latest measurements in your personal catalog.

Data available since 1992
Over many areas you can access data going back to 1992 to assess long term motion of individual objects and the areas around it. Search and discovery are an essential part of the workflow.

Large data sets in your business process
We provide our customers with billions of measurements of the earth’s surface dynamics, help integrate these data into their business process and convert it to actionable information


See how customers in upstream oil and gas use large data sets about surface motion in enhanced recovery for conventionals and unconventionals.

Civil Engineering

Customers obtain a unified view on deformations happening in large scale civil infrastructural objects and the ground underneath and around.


Most mission-critical assets for utilities are underground; deformations measured above ground are good proxies for pipelines under stress.

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