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When everything is moving continuously, it is vital that you can separate signal from noise to stay ahead of your geotechnical risk.

Our free-to-download Ultimate Guide to Using InSAR will walk you through the application of this complicated technique and highlight the ‘SkyGeo Difference’.

Written by Dr. Jennifer Scoular


Reading this Guide will Teach You:

How to get ahead of your geotechnical risk and understand what is important information when everything you manage is moving.

Why being able to separate signal from noise is the key skill when implementing InSAR.

How InSAR works and how it can be used to help make safety and economic decisions.

What the ‘SkyGeo Difference’ is and why it is so important for your maintenance schedules and budgets.

Why ‘doing InSAR’ is an ongoing partnership and simply buying ‘colored dots’, will not give you the insights you need.

Which sensors provide the data that you will need to make the best decisions about the maintenance of your assets.

Why compact and simple-to-access reports are fundamental to sharing the knowledge throughout your organisation.

Why working with a company that has built its own processing platform is a ‘must-have’ when selecting a partner.

Meet the Author

Dr. Jennifer Scoular

Jenny is responsible for managing the marketing strategy for our product and services, and for technical documentation and communications. Her role is to ensure the complex nature of our work is translated into simple, intuitive communications.

She works closely with prospective and existing customers across a variety of industries to configure our products and solutions for demanding technical use cases, in particular for customers who need to make safety critical decisions based on our insights.

Jenny holds an MSci in Geology and PhD in InSAR Applications, both from Imperial College London, United Kingdom. Jenny is also the Chairwoman of the Geological Remote Sensing Group (GRSG, an international organization that brings together geologists and remote sensing experts employed in industry, academia, and government agencies.