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The SkyGeo Academy

Learn how to create, understand and use InSAR insights

Aim of the course

Understanding how to create, understand and use data is key to nearly everyone’s role in today’s workplace. This skill is becoming ever more important as the amount of data and the range of data types increases, almost exponentially.

By attending the SkyGeo Academy training course, attendees will gain a fundamental understanding of how InSAR data and related technologies can reveal millimeter movements in built assets such as tailings dams, roads, tunnels, oil rigs and bridges.

This technical workshop will teach these concepts by looking at real-world case studies and provide ‘hands-on’ sessions with commercial software.


Understand the fundamentals of InSAR so that you can validate the reliability of the data


Learn how to slice and dice the data correctly in order to analyse objects more closely or in different ways.


There is no such thing as one-size fits all InSAR processing. Learn to process for every problem.


Understand that InSAR is just the start. Discover how you get more out of the data.

Who Should Attend

The course is open to anyone who needs to understand the movement of the ground underneath or around their valuable assets.

This may include but not restricted to:

  • Geodesists
  • Policy makers and asset managers
  • GIS users
  • Civil and structural engineers

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SkyGeo’s vision on InSAR data processing

‘SkyGeo’s mission is to help our customers, in the best way possible, to solve problems related to their assets, and to provide them with actionable intelligence. In the 15 years of our operational experience, we have learned that the technology of parameter estimation using InSAR is extremely tuneable.

This tuning results in many different potential answers. 

At SkyGeo, we take pride in finding the most optimal and actionable solution.’

Without exception, this implies that we engage with our customers to thoroughly understand their need for specific intelligence, and we take all relevant contextual information into account. In other words, SkyGeo does not just “run the algorithm,” as this will always yield sub-optimal results.

Our team consists of experts in all relevant domains, ranging from geodesy, radar technology, geophysics, geology, geo-mechanics, civil engineering, and geo-informatics, mostly at PhD and MSc levels. This way, we are not only able to optimally compute the relevant parameters, but we can excel in data analytics and data interpretation as well.

Most importantly, we are able to minimize the risk of mis-interpretation, oftentimes with dire consequences. Yet, this is only possible if we thoroughly understand our customer’s needs.