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SkyGeo appoints John Metzger as Director, Geomatics Services

SkyGeo appoints John Metzger as Director, Geomatics Services.

Indiana, Nov 25, 2019, SkyGeo, the premier InSAR partner of choice of numerous customers in Europe and North America, appoints John Metzger as Director, Geomatics Services. In recent years there has been an increased adoption of SkyGeo InSAR technology by large corporations in North America. This steady growth urged SkyGeo to expand the team so customers can rely on consistent service for years to come.

Pieter Bas Leezenberg, CEO, SkyGeo said “John has a background in radar technology and decided to further his career with us when he saw our convincing cases. He excels in efforts with a customer focus supporting the opportunity of our data results. Our ground breaking InSAR data solutions and the movement we started by founding our SkyGeo Academy have been important catalysts in the ongoing maturation of InSAR technology in Europe, APAC, and Northern America.”

“My working relationships with colleagues and professionals in a variety of fields and environments have been invaluable. Through life-long learning, personal development, and risk management processes I have contributed to a broad range of project and task deployments and instrument implementation projects. InSAR has matured in the last decade and SkyGeo is the most dynamic and advanced InSAR company in the world. We have the proven cases, the most reliable systems and the SkyGeo team is second to none in customer focus. We’re ready to unleash the true power of InSAR to every state in the US now” said John Metzger.

We are ramping-up our presence across North America. SkyGeo will establish even closer ties with our US clients and is well positioned to introduce our monitoring services to clients throughout the region. Mining and climate related issues are a huge challenge for any area throughout the country.

By using SkyGeo data in their models companies can make better informed decisions across operations, engineering, production, safety, and management departments. John Metzger will be responsible for developing long term relations with corporations, state and national government agencies, as well as supporting the growing geoprofessional consulting clientele. All, looking to us for dynamic alignment and to see the integration and visualization of satellite data in their projects.

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About SkyGeo

SkyGeo is a next generation Earth Observation company. Our global data feed starts on a satellite and provides millimeter-accurate displacement data to customers all over the world.
Our processing engine and our InSAR-based displacement data is fundamentally changing the way our customers look at their assets. SkyGeo helps people manage their assets for the long term and provides early warnings for prevention of environmental disasters.