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Demonstrate Sustainability Leadership

by informing your operations with InSAR

Putting an InSAR strategy in place offers a strong value basis for improving your sustainability initiatives. Carefully deploying satellite-based data, translating it into insights and integrating it into your asset models will directly help you reduce emissions and capital goods materials use.

InSAR-derived insights help deliver implicit savings that can support other sustainability initiatives by improving the economics of asset monitoring. And importantly, an InSAR strategy provides tangible evidence of sustainability leadership.

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SkyGeo’s Sustainability Services

Infrastructure asset maintenance optimization and asset lifecycle extension
Underground storage: CO2 injection supervision and storage monitoring 
Geotechnical and operational safety monitoring of wind, solar and geothermal assets
Wide area assessment of climate adaptation initiatives’ impact
Predictive modelling of long term trends for long term policy decision support and planning
Natural hazard assessment and predictive modelling of effect on infrastructure
Closure and end-of-life monitoring of mines and tailings storage facilities 
Water resource management in oil and gas operations

Build better climate impact resilience

From extended drought periods to intense rainfall to heat waves, climate-related extreme weather continues to take a  toll on public and private infrastructure. This trend is often acting on aging infrastructure. InSAR based assessment can  provide rapid insights into areas that are most vulnerable.

Combined with iterative processing and a complete feedback loop, we can support risk based asset monitoring for improving climate adaptation.

Strengthen your social license to operate  

Companies building on the surface or operating in the sub-surface need to show to the public that they have a firm grip on the risks associated with their operations. The public wants to see that they can trust operators to preserve and protect the existing environment.

Operators are creating long walls, building complex structures or injecting liquids under high pressure, and doing many other potentially impactful works; frequent satellite-based monitoring is an effective wide area tool for showing a hand-on-the-tap approach. You can enhance your case in order to strengthen your social license to operate.

Effectively monitor carbon capture and storage operations

As large scale storage solutions of CO2 are being developed, injection of CO2 into depleted reservoirs and shallow dip angle saline aquifers remains only partially understood and characterized. Operators and customers alike need effective and cost-efficient solutions for monitoring the CO2 plume.

InSAR will be able to support effective monitoring in a subset of the CCS deployments throughout the lifecycle: for site selection and pre-production stability assessment, for characterizing additional risk in operations such as unstable or leaking wellbores. During the injection phase, we can monitor for plume evolution and assess conformance against the inverted reservoir model, in order to make sure that CO2 does not go into pore space that was not leased. Plan for the long term by periodic assessment of long term asset integrity and loss of containment.

Show sustainable leadership by using low carbon data 

Increasingly, investors and consumers alike are seeking products and services from companies that are actively reducing carbon emissions, adopting renewable energy, and stewarding the environment.

SkyGeo works with dozens of public entities and private companies to support their corporate sustainability goals by improving their asset monitoring and surveying as a business process that has a near-zero carbon footprint itself and is complementary to high carbon footprint business processes. Assessing satellite data does not require travel and boots on the ground for surveying or complex instrumentation to be installed.

Get in front of the trends in the energy industry 

Climate concerns and renewables deployment are transforming the energy landscape. Wind and solar farms, as well as geothermal sites are coming online at record speed, reducing overall reliance on fossil fuels and supporting sustainability goals.

All these new types of constructions need to be operated for the long term, so geotechnical stability and long term asset integrity are key outcomes. SkyGeo works with third parties and integrates their data for key inputs and decision support for long term geotechnically stable operations.

Fine-tune high carbon asset maintenance work 

Remote sensing over wide areas can help rationalize asset maintenance for many types of industry.

By accelerating maintenance where risk is high, obviously risk is mitigated effectively – but also identifying where maintenance can safely be postponed, high carbon footprint work can be minimized over time.

Public access to our data 

In order to make InSAR over wide areas available to a wide audience, we have initiated several initiatives to make application agnostic, wide area data available to the general public.

Based on feedback on our initiatives, we keep updating this data set; also we are growing the area over which we make this data available. If your area is not covered today come back and check later to see if it has been added, or contact us.

Adaptive asset management strategies for sustainability leaders

SkyGeo works with corporate and government customers to identify and enhance sustainability strategies. SkyGeo solutions are rooted in more than a decade of working on improving the effectiveness of managing large scale infrastructure and producing assets throughout their entire lifecycle. 

Our remote sensing solutions play a crucial role in translating a variety of satellite-based data into management best practices that users so far have been able to achieve by inspecting locally with boots on the ground and installing local and sub-surface sensors. Understanding the performance of assets on a large scale over a long time frame has proven to be effective in pushing through innovations in sustainability management.

SkyGeo helps customers of all sizes enhance sustainability efforts and maximize value from renewable projects. We also help customers scope the sustainability impact of this work.

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