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InSAR Monitoring for civil engineering projects

Let SkyGeo configure an InSAR Monitoring solution for you – with millimeter accuracy, up to 25 years back in time and 100,000’s measurement points per km², each with a graph of displacement over time. SkyGeo data is often the best predictor for mean time before failure of the assets. Risk management practitioners use this for predictive maintenance.

Site Selection

Determine existing surface motion during site selection processes. Support the design and the optimisation of the ground instrumentation network.

SkyGeo provides unique support in reconstructing past ground motion patterns, which could potentially affect constructions.

Using a historical archive of satellite imagery, SkyGeo can identify unstable areas prior to construction and reconstruct their displacement to assist in the planning of new sites.

Monitoring with satellite data minimises survey time and cost compared to traditional measurement techniques.


Monitor impact of construction activities on nearby buildings and infrastructure.

Complement traditional monitoring by extending motion measurements to a wider area.

Solve model uncertainty. The density and precision of measurements can be used to verify model predictions of ground displacement.

By mapping the evolution of ground displacement during construction, engineers can better understand the relationship between activities and the onset of any related settlement.

SkyGeo offers thousands of measurement points over large areas, at a fraction of the cost of traditional monitoring.

It also increases displacement information beyond excavation surroundings, to determine the extent of any displacement occurring within a wider area.


Assess the stability of assets over time to monitor that displacement remains within design parameters.

Control impact on assets of displacement occurring in adjacent areas.

Regular monitoring of post-construction displacement can identify structural weaknesses.

Identifying motion that could indicate a structural weakness helps engineers to determine if actions should be taken.

Moreover, InSAR Monitoring provides displacement maps to assess areas at risk.

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