What is InSAR?

InSAR stands for Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar. Satellites record images of the earth’s surface, and these images are combined to show wide area, slow displacement patterns on the ground.

InSAR is a proven technique for mapping ground movements using radar images from satellites in low earth orbit.

Interpret ground motion

Gain new insights with 10x more data and 25x more updates.

Millimeter accuracy

Time series show how objects have moved since the previous measurement. Compare measurements on millimeter-scale.

Constant updates

Your data are updated as often as satellites acquire an image, up to 5 times per week or as often as you need for your business.

Global reach

We monitor all kinds of assets, large and small – all over the globe.

High density measurements

Our maps contain up to 100,000 measurements per km2 over large areas. A quantum leap in effectiveness compared to conventional leveling campaigns.

Recordings since 1992

Over many areas you can access data going back to 1992 to assess long term motion of individual objects and the areas around it.

Intuitive platform

Access your data on our platform and assess where your assets are most at risk.

“Problems we had for years with manual measurements were resolved at once.”

Ron Kaptijn
Policy Officer Infra, City of Diemen