InSAR webinars- InSAR time series and geotechnical risks

Using InSAR time series to identify, model, and monitor patterns in subsidence: introduction and best practices.

Hydro- and Geo-engineers are increasingly faced with geohazard events that impact critical infrastructure and transportation corridors. This webinar will discuss the role of InSAR time series in forensic research and early warning systems for geotechnical risks that are caused by human interventions and climate change. The importance of optimizing processing strategy and validating high resolution data for specific user questions are demonstrated by several recent case studies.

What will we cover
  • Challenges in applying InSAR Time Series for real life situations
  • Validation of subsidence hypothesis and models
  • Optimization time series processing strategy
  • Innovation: developments and potential applications for InSAR time series
  • Forensic validation of subsidence hypothesis
  • Model-based optimizations for dealing with climate change effects
  • Preventing & monitoring anthropogenic geotechnical risk
More about our webinar

In our webinars, we shed light on new InSAR developments and we will take InSAR knowledge and expertise of participants to the next level. We make it easy for you to understand and trust these complex data and build the confidence with which you and your users apply the InSAR data to support decisions. Each webinar tackles one of four recurring topics: validate, visualize, apply and discover with InSAR data.

Recorded June 2020
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Martijn Houtepen

InSAR Applications Expert at SkyGeo

Martijn Houtepen is expert in deployment of InSAR, core lecturer at SkyGeo InSAR Academy and author of Hands-on guide for InSAR-based monitoring. In 2018 he launched SkyGeo’s Risk Audit for buildings in the Netherlands and developed new business cases with innovative Geo-data. Martijn is a professional with feet on the ground and hands on the data.

Freek van Leijen

Engineering Manager SkyGeo, Researcher TU Delft

Freek van Leijen is Engineering Manager, InSAR Technology at SkyGeo. In this role he is responsible for taking innovative and highly reliable software algorithms from the drawing board into production. Freek has been working with radar remote sensing since 2003, and has been involved in many international projects. He received his MSc in Geodesy and his PhD in the field of satellite radar interferometry from Delft University of Technology.

SkyGeo Academy programme

SkyGeo launches a new series of online interactive sessions, specifically tailored to match your area of work or branche.

A decade ago, scientists all over the world still struggled how to use the gigantic datasets sent to us via satellites. SkyGeo was among the first to discover the true potential for the industry and is now the leading provider of InSAR monitoring systems. We’re sharing our knowledge and business cases with attendees. To start, we’re presenting InSAR basics in a user friendly way. Every webinar we’ll zoom in on a theme or branche and share our insights. We limit the number of attendees to make sure there’s plenty of room for questions.

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