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    Wide-range area, yet detailled to millimeter level.
    Our ground movement monitoring service informs mining operators about displacement at an early stage and enables them to better target the deployment of on-site geotechnical resources. This large area view of movement across the site allows for early warning of critical movement without the need for people or in-situ tools to cover the entire mine site.

    InSAR for mining FAQs

    What is InSAR used for?

    InSAR stands for Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar and is a proven technique for measuring ground movements. Satellites record images of the earth, and these images can be combined to measure movements of the ground surface.

    What is InSAR Monitoring?

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    Can you measure displacements without installation of any in-situ equipment?

    Yes. The measurements originate from hard objects such as rocks, buildings, bridges or other infrastructure that doesn’t change during the observed time interval. Major changes to the surface – like maintenance or resurfacing – will result in a change of the radar signal, and no reliable estimate is possible. The radar points are not selected manually by identifying hard objects, but by the criterion of an undisturbed radar signature.

    What is InSAR historical analysis?

    Radar satellites started recording in 1992. Since then the number of satellites and the resolution of the images have increased significantly. SkyGeo has an archive with historical data that covers 70% of the earth’s land. We use that data to calculate and visualise surface movements in your area of interest, since 1992.

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