InSAR Experience

For more than a decade we are performing groundbreaking work on InSAR. As we are the only dedicated InSAR company with country offices on 3 continents, the biggest companies in the world rely on us for their InSAR related projects and structure monitoring systems.

Global Consultancy

Yes, we speak your language. Our consultancy team comes from all over the world and has experience in multiple branches. Do you want risk management cases for the Mining Industry or is your project all about Civil Engineering?  From caverns to dams, landslides to future construction plans. InSAR business cases are provided freely and our consultants will contact you for assistance as well.

Our consultants have collected their best InSAR business cases for you

InSAR Time Series

Interferometric synthetic-aperture radar images set in a timelapse will show even the smallest differences. By mathematical algorythms and human intelligence, we can provide detailed historical overviews and build prediction models.

Remote Monitoring

With your SkyGeo viewer you can watch your assets from every location in the world. With scenario based prediction models you can even get a warning when soil movement is possibly hazardous in the future.


Review our InSAR business Cases

Road maintenance planning

Soil and pipeline challenges

Levee stability

Water and dike challenges


Tunnel stability

Structural and soil challenges

Sinkhole Scanner

Beneath surface challenges

Gas network monitoring

Pipeline challenges