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Identifying Instabilities Early

Persistent geotechnical risk surveillance to identify abnormal surface movement


Increase Insights & Reduce Risks

Create #signalFromNoise to get ahead of your geotechnical risk


Smart Monitoring for Energy Companies

SkyGeo tracks displacement and heave across producing fields all over the world

Increase insights and decrease risks

Create #signalFromNoise to get ahead of your geotechnical risk

“Without SkyGeo, we would still be running blind – until something fails!
SkyGeo is the first link in our fence.”

Tailings Facility Manager

Our InSAR solutions provide data, software and services to support your most critical geotechnical functions from the planning phase through operational monitoring.

SkyGeo helps organizations of all sizes understand their geotechnical risk earlier, more efficiently and allowing them to maintain compliance with regulations.

Millimeter accuracy

Time series show how objects have moved since the previous measurement. Compare measurements on millimeter-scale.

Constant updates

Your data are updated as often as satellites acquire an image, up to 5 times per week or as often as you need for your business.

Global reach

We monitor all kinds of assets, large and small – all over the globe.

High density measurements

Our maps contain up to 100,000 measurements per km2 over large areas. A quantum leap in effectiveness compared to conventional leveling campaigns.

Recordings since 1992

Over many areas you can access data going back to 1992 to assess long term motion of individual objects and the areas around it.

Intuitive platform

Access your data on our platform and assess where your assets are most at risk.

SkyGeo runs the world’s smartest InSAR platform

Unbeatable algorithms

Our data algorithms are unbeatable and deliver the most reliable results of all InSAR companies.

Intuitive platform

Our online platform makes it super easy to analyze your asset.

Data since 1992

We have global data archives as far back as 1992.

Satisfied customers

We have over 500 satisfied customers, including the most demanding, global energy companies.

Dedicated to InSAR

We’re dedicated to InSAR, it’s all we do!

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