At SkyGeo we offer several traineeships that provide work training, preparing graduates for their future careers by helping them to become ‘work ready’.

Experience what it is like to work in various departments and discover how you can become part of a tight-knit team of professionals.

To discuss further please send us an open application. We are very interested in your motivation why you want us to select you from the great number of applicants, so do prepare a good motivational letter.


Delft, The Netherlands

Meet SkyGeo

SkyGeo is a next generation Earth Observation company. Our global data feed starts on a satellite and provides millimeter-accurate displacement data to customers all over the world.

Our processing engine and our InSAR-based displacement data is fundamentally changing the way our customers look at their assets. We help people manage their assets for the long term and we provide early warnings for prevention of environmental disasters.

Working for SkyGeo is inspiring and challenges you to excel. You will have an opportunity to grow and innovate since the company is at the forefront of InSAR, computational techniques and mapping data onto real world problems.