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Four Steps to Reducing Risk for Civil Engineers

Learn how to to convert InSAR “colored dots” into strategic actions and get ahead of risk in civil engineering projects.

SkyGeo is delighted to host two free learning webinars, presented by Dr. Jennifer Scoular on December 9th 2021 at 10:00am Central European Time and then repeated at 11:00am Pacific Daylight Time.

About the webinar:
Facilitated by Jon Ruggles MBA, Manager of Customer Success for SkyGeo, the webinar will see Dr. Scoular take the audience through a simple four step process that has been designed to reduce risk for civil engineers, using the presentation of real-world examples.

Looking at work that SkyGeo has completed with clients around the world, she will show how the safety of railways, roads and tunnels has been increased by being able to separate the vital information from the noise in all of the data.

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