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Deutsche Bahn Announces SkyGeo as partner to survey ground stability

Deutsche Bahn partners with SkyGeo to survey ground stability.

Berlin, Dec 10, 2019. Deutsche Bahn announced that it has appointed SkyGeo as its long term InSAR partner to survey ground stability for the tunneling project of Offenburg, the longest tunnel in Germany once completed. Deutsche Bahn AG (DB), Germany’s state-owned railway operator is one of the world’s leading mobility and logistics companies with a keen focus on new technology.

In January 2016, the German Parliament voted in favour of the Euro 1.18 billion budget for the tunnel, directing the trains underneath the town of Offenburg. The 11 kilometer tunnel is a key component of the Karlsruhe–Basel high-speed railway, a new line being built in the Rhine Valley. The overall project is expected to be completed in 2042, with the Offenburg tunnel becoming operational no earlier than 2035.

Understanding existing displacement patterns prior to construction and monitoring for unforeseen geotechnical events during the construction phase plays a key role in these plans, and InSAR was chosen as the best technology for remote monitoring. By integrating InSAR technology, DB will be capable of recognizing infrastructure instability over a wide area, and informing preventive measures.

A key requirement for DB was the ability of SkyGeo to deliver InSAR data that are correct, consistent, reproducible and meaningful – today and far into the future, so a reliable continuous monitoring and early warning system can be built. SkyGeo’s Antares platform outperformed the competition, by integrating all available satellite data with a world-class analytics platform and the world’s most reliable InSAR Early Warning System.

SkyGeo works with long term trusted local partners Aquasoil and gbm to support the customer needs continuously.

Pieter Bas Leezenberg, SkyGeo’s CEO, states “We are tremendously pleased to have been selected by one of the world’s leading mobility and logistics companies for such a prestigious project. This will truly allow us to show our dedication to high quality implementation of InSAR as the right strategy for such an important expansion DB’s railway system.”

Maintenance forecasting and planning is a key factor in getting millions of DB travelers to their location of choice every day. In future decades, more tunnels will need to be developed. The use of remote sensing for mitigating risks on a manageable budget will be a valuable asset to the railway industry. Better understanding of terrain stability will result in better planning and enhanced operations continuity.

Deutsche Bahn and SkyGeo closed a contract to apply InSAR technology during the coming 5 years in Germany. Tunnels, railroad tracks, bridges and all other infrastructure are covered by SkyGeo’s asset health monitoring system built on satellite radar imagery.

About SkyGeo

SkyGeo is a next generation Earth Observation company. Our global data feed starts on a satellite and provides millimeter-accurate displacement data to customers all over the world. Our processing engine and our InSAR-based displacement data are fundamentally changing the way our customers understand their assets. We help people manage their assets for the long term and we provide early warnings for prevention of environmental disasters.

About Deutsche Bahn

The DB Group is one of the world’s leading mobility and logistics companies. The DB employs some 331,600 people around the globe, including roughly 205,000 in Germany. We design and operate the transport networks of the future. Through the integrated operation of traffic and railway infrastructure as well as the economically and ecologically intelligent connection of all modes of transport, we move people and goods.