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COVID-19 Update: Remote availability of InSAR monitoring services

COVID-19 Update: Remote availability of InSAR monitoring services.

SkyGeo has offices and clients in many countries affected by the COVID-19 disease, we have been working over the last couple of weeks preparing scenario’s to make sure our services will remain available for our customers at all times.

In recent days both the USA and The Netherlands, where we have our headquarters, enacted new measures to contain the virus outbreak. As remote monitoring is what we do best, we’ve implemented these new measures within the working processes of SkyGeo and we will continue to deliver high-quality and reliable services for our products from our data centers and residential operations by using secure systems.

Unfortunately, our planned on-site workshops on March 26, April 9 and 19, and May 13 are postponed until further notice. Please contact us if you want to subscribe to our webinars that will soon become available. We will publish updated information on SkyGeo Academy operations when they become available.

Customers First

Due to the 100% remote availability of InSAR monitoring systems we’ve had several requests from companies in mining, energy, and civil engineering to establish their portal or data engagement system as soon as possible.
Our Current and loyal customers will always receive immediate response and support. If you need assistance setting-up your (new or upgraded) remote InSAR system please contact your local sales representative today. Our Customer Success, Educational Team and InSAR Consultants are available to assist you remotely with your projects. Online resources are available to teams around the world, including our forum, virtual events, and on-demand educational webinars.

John Metzger
Director, Geomatics Services
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Patrick Stoppelman
Director Business Development
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