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Transform your geotechnical monitoring with InSAR intelligence: planning to operational

We help engineers working within organizations of all sizes, to understand millimeter-scale deformation patterns for assessing geotechnical risk earlier and more efficiently.

SkyGeo Launches InSAR Monitoring for the Permian Basin

Explore the capabilities of the SkyGeo InSAR service for Managing Risk & Productivity in the Permian Basin


Early discovery of geotechnical risk

Triage stability issues on your site with InSAR

Mining Safety Compliance


Optimize your aerial reservoir monitoring strategy

Turn your geomechanical model into a feedback loop with subsidence and heave

More Insights for Energy


Get to structural problems earlier

Improve maintenance timing for better cost control

Maintenance Savings


Support site selection & monitor operations

Ensure compliance

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InSAR is the starting point for finding patterns of slow motion movements of the ground and built objects everywhere, by providing:

Millimeter Accuracy
Constant Updates
High Density
Decades of Data
Global Reach

Time series show how objects have moved since the previous measurement. Compare measurements on millimeter-scale.

Your data are updated as often as satellites acquire an image, up to 5 times per week or as often as you need for your business.

Our maps contain up to 100,000 measurements per km2 over large areas. A quantum leap in effectiveness compared to conventional levelling campaigns.

Over many areas you can access data going back to 1992 to assess long term motion of individual objects and the areas around it.

We monitor all types of assets, whatever their size and wherever they are in the world.

Once you have these millions of complex fuzzy InSAR measurements, you need to make sense of distributed slow motion movement by separating noise from the relevant signal. Only then can you translate it into decisions about your assets. The SkyGeo consultants will help you through this.

SkyGeo runs the world’s only InSAR optimization and assessment platform

Transparent InSAR Algorithms

Based on our data algorithms, our engineers deliver the most reliable InSAR estimations.

InSAR is complex and can only be done right with your input. We have written and QA’ed every line of code so we know how we do the InSAR math.

Complete Visualisation Toolbox

The InSAR data is the starting point: visualization triggers iterative optimization of the InSAR estimation to characterize how your asset is changing.

Intuitive Platform for Assessment

Our online platform scans easily through very large InSAR and related data sets.

Our technology can search our global database of slow motions to the benefit of your engineering monitoring strategy.

Join tens of thousands of users from demanding global engineering, mining & energy teams

“Without SkyGeo, we would be still be running blind: until something fails! SkyGeo is the first link in our fence.”

The Ultimate Guide to Using InSAR

When everything is moving continuously, it is vital that you can separate signal from noise to stay ahead of your geotechnical risk.

Our free-to-download Ultimate Guide to Using InSAR will walk you through the application of this complicated technique and highlight the ‘SkyGeo Difference’.